*Please not this is a tentative schedule and is subject to change.


Good Morning, SF Lit
Fri 11:30 am Fairlie
Talking Cats and
Clever Rats
Fri 01:00 pm Fairlie

Fandom and Feminism
Fri 01:00 pm Greenbriar
Pyr Rising Fri 02:30 pm Regency V

The John and Travis Show!
Fri 04:00 pm Greenbriar

Military Sf: Current vs. Fictional
Fri 04:00 pm Regency V

In Memoriam: Ray Bradbury
Fri 05:30 pm International North

Belief Systems in SF 101
Fri 07:00 pm Fairlie

Showcase: Keith R.A. DeCandido
Fri 07:00 pm Greenbriar

Game to Book: Turning RP to Prose
Fri 08:30 pm Fairlie
Polyamory in SF and
Fri 10:00 pm Fairlie

Sex and Romance in SF
Fri 10:00 pm Greenbriar

Fit and Fannish – Staying Healthy
Sat 11:30 am Fairlie

Baen Books Travelling Slide Show and Prize Patrol!
Sat 01:00 pm Regency V

Belief Systems in SF and Fantasy 102
Sat 02:30 pm Fairlie
Good War/Bad
Sat 02:30 pm Greenbriar
Fantasy – What exactly is it?
Sat 04:00 pm Centennial I

SF Jeopardy
Sat 05:30 pm Fairlie

Sat 05:30 pm Greenbriar

The State of Black Science Fiction
Sat 07:00 pm Fairlie

Moths, Metafiction and Mieville
Sat 08:30 pm Fairlie
The Science in Science Fiction Sat 08:30 pm Greenbriar

Robert Heinlein: the Man and his work
Sat 10:00 pm Fairlie

Have We Lost the Future?
Sat 10:00 pm Greenbriar

Timey Wimey Literary Stuff
Sun 10:00 am Greenbriar

Literature of Gaming
Sun 11:30 am Greenbriar

Sun 11:30 am Regency V
TOR to Come Sun 01:00 pm Regency V

Race in SF and Fantasy
Sun 04:00 pm Fairlie

New Pulp
Sun 04:00 pm Greenbriar

Guest of Honor R.A. Salvatore
Sun 04:00 pm Regency VI – VII

Belief Systems in SF 103
Sun 05:30 pm Fairlie

Broad Universe Reading
Sun 05:30 pm Greenbriar

Showcase: Katherine Kurtz
Sun 07:00 pm Fairlie

Game of Thrones
Sun 07:00 pm Greenbriar

Native Americans in SF and Fantasy
Sun 08:30 pm Fairlie
Seeking Goodkind:
Vols. 4-6
Sun 08:30 pm Greenbriar

Starship Smackdown!!!!
Sun 10:00 pm Fairlie

Dynamic Identities: Characters as Moving Targets
Mon 10:00 am Fairlie

The Perfect Blend: Genre Mixing in Urban Fantasy
Mon 11:30 am Fairlie

Costuming for Literary Purposes
Mon 11:30 am Greenbriar

SF Win Lose or Draw
Mon 01:00 pm Fairlie

Good Evening and Good Night >
Mon 04:00 pm Fairlie